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Repertoire at Pfeiffer

REPERTOIRE (Recruiting Educators, Preparing Educators and Retaining Teachers to Optimize Interest in Rural Education) is a program designed to support you on your teaching journey. Pfeiffer University, in partnership with Stanly County Schools and Montgomery County Schools, was awarded a federal Teacher Quality Performance Grant to recruit, prepare and retain teachers in our region. The goal of the program is to support you while you are in your teacher education program here at Pfeiffer and continue to support you in your first few years in the classroom should you choose to teach with Montgomery or Stanly County Schools.

This program is a tremendous opportunity to receive additional professional development and opportunities to prepare you for your careers. You will be able to attend professional conferences and workshops, participate in regional and national opportunities to strengthen your cultural awareness, and receive training and resources to further your understanding of STEAM education. All students accepted to Teacher Education at Pfeiffer are automatically enrolled in the REPERTOIRE program.

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